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Los Angeles-based Cordovan Music is composer Gregory Reeves, creating original music for TV, film, interactive, advertising, multimedia installations, and more. Clients include Toyota, Google, Apple, Target, Coke, Nike, Sony, Chevy, Hyundai, Ubisoft, History Channel, Fox, Converse, Mastercard, Adobe, HP, and too many others to list.

He has scored feature and short drama, documentary, and comedy films, and his music has appeared in series like Sons of Anarchy, The Originals, Shameless, and others.

Reeves’ music spans genres from rock to electronic, folk to orchestral, futuristic to retro, and beyond, including hybrids of music and sound design, experimental sound sculptures for art installations, and more. Reeves also offers remixing, music and audio editing, voice over, podcast production, and is a session and live bassist.


+1 323-841-7872

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